Edit Assistant Shiny Floor Show

Sydney, Australia
14 May, 2018 - 17 Jun, 2018

Sydney, Fox Studios Australia

ITV Studios is looking for an experienced Edit Assistant, you should have a minimum of 2 years experience as an edit assistant to apply for this job. You will be working in a team for this role. Key tasks include:
• Proficient use of Avid Media Composer.
• An excellent understanding of shared storage systems (Avid NEXIS, Nearline, etc.)
• Conforming/relinking of edits.
• Syncing and grouping vision and audio.
• Upressing media (AMA/file/tape importing/transcoding) and conforming master sequences.
• Consolidation/Transcoding of Avid media
• Preparing sequences for export (mixing down vision and audio tracks, moving audio tracks on Avid timelines to ensure audio is laid out correctly, as per promos requirements).

This is a 5 day/50 hour week position.

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