Archive Licencing Coordinator Pop Culture

Sydney, Australia
19 Dec, 2016 - 12 May, 2017

Can you bring it all together? Co-ordinator is a broad term for a position that focuses on an individual who provides various kinds of administrative support within a business enterprise.


Employers look for workers with knowledge, a combination of skills, personal traits, and attitudes that include:
 Strong work ethic
 Productivity
 Professionalism and mature sense of accountability
 Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
 Technical skills
 Interpersonal skills
 Excellent communication skills
 Teamwork and collaboration skills

Communication Skills: You will need to be able to express your needs clearly to other employees, as well as negotiate with companies and individuals. Good verbal and written communication skills will be ideal for a co-ordinator. Developed written communications that are clear, concise, timely and deliver the desired message.

Attention to Detail: The devil is in the details. A qualified co-ordinator will need to be able to analyse complex systems, and be able to identify mistakes and inefficiencies. Need a strong attention to detail, ability to maintain focus with intermittent distractions.

Critical Thinking Skills: Must be able to think quickly, often solving problems as they arise. Being able to think critically about these situations will help you a great deal. Adaptability and resourcefulness to roll-up-sleeves and multi-task in order to thrive in small company environment.

Organisational Skills: You will need to do many things at once, keep track of your time, keep to a budget and keep tabs on multiple projects. Strong organisation and time management skills. Ability to plan, prioritise and organise tasks based on production needs.

Ability to balance multiple tasks and shift priorities and drive them to conclusion.
Initiative: Proactively identify skill development areas and take initiative to learn new processes and technologies. Self-starter, who works with a sense of urgency, fulfils commitments to other team members, conveys a positive attitude and professional appearance. Exhibit flexibility in work schedule in order to meet production needs. Willing to perform other duties and tasks as directed.

 Assisting with all aspects of administrative management
 Spreadsheet maintenance, data entry
 Filing and scanning
 Licensing applications
 Correspondence in/out, typically using Microsoft Office Word and Outlook
 Managing invoices and Cost Reports
 Managing licence agreements
 Co-ordinating briefs
 Resolving day-to-day administrative and operational problems
 Scheduling and co-ordinating internal meetings
 Managing files across all areas of activity
 Performing multifaceted general office support

 Support the Archive Clearance Manager (ACM) in all areas of content research and
clearance activities across the production series
 Oversee administration for all aspects of licensing processes
 Technical support
 Manage and maintain Archive Licensing databases on a daily basis in accordance
with changes to episode stories and briefs
 Support Researchers with external content research
 Support Researchers with written research briefs as directed
 Logging of all activity and efforts made in licensing applications
 Ensure complete accuracy of all data
 Ensure high quality control of all administrative systems including :
– Licensing Rundowns and Status Reports
– Licensing Applications and Correspondence
– Quotations
– Cost Reports
– Invoices
– Research Briefs
– Licence Agreements – Filing and Tracking
– Talent Clearances
 Licensing requests by written correspondence and/or phone contact to copyright
holders, as directed by ACM
 Curate all archive content from external sources
 Support Researchers with external content research
 Support Researchers with written research briefs as directed
Ensure tidy and safe working environment

Contract Dates are 19/12/16 – 12/5/17 (with an unpaid production break from 24/12/16 – 2/1/17 (inclusive)

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