Senior Producer – Sponsorship & Integration Shiny Floor Show

Sydney, Australia
17 Oct, 2016 - 2 Jul, 2017

Role: Snr Producer – Sponsor & Integration .Liaise with Network on Sponsorship & Contra product ordering and communicate with companies and production regarding their requirements. Attend production meeting, rehearsals and recording sessions in connection with the production as required; Consult with necessary legal advisors to ensure the production does not breach any rights including but not limited to copyright or content that could be deemed defamatory;
Consult with relevant production personnel regarding program competitions, sponsorship, promotions, brand logo content and online requirements;
Liaise with Production Management team to ensure production budget is managed and adhered to if required; Comply with, and ensure OHS policies and procedures are followed in all production operations;
Create and maintain contra spreadsheet including contacts, record of value and expected return. Update post production with contra spread sheet and liaise to ensure all contra deals are featured in episodes as agreed
Credits – work with productin and Network to ensure all credit, on screen usage is adhered to as per agreements. Ensure each day’s contra products are communicated to production team to include in call sheet and to core camera and control room personnel. Create and maintain paperwork pertaining to deals, including logging each item, including accessories and arrange delivery to location as required and oversee and organise return of contra item(s) as required, including cross checking that all items and accessories have been returned.
Interact daily with productions to provide advice and assistance; and
Perform such other duties as may be reasonably required by the Company in relation to the Program.

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