Question Editor Game Show

Melbourne, Australia
5 Sep, 2016 - 23 Jan, 2017

Chanel Nine have a vacancy in their Melbourne office as a Question Editor for Millionaire Hot Seat. The Question Editor is
responsible for reviewing, checking and editing all questions used on Millionaire Hot Seat. The Editor consults the
work of verifiers as well as conducting their own background research when editing questions. The Editor interacts
on a daily basis with the Question Producer and the Executive Producer to shape content for use on the show.
Key roles and responsibilities include:
• Edit and verify question writers’ work (approximately 100 questions per week).
• Maintain a master database of questions in CeleQ.
• Check all questions prior to use for factual accuracy, spelling, grammar and correct house style.
• Maintain detailed and accurate records of all questions, verifications and edits.
• Monitor current events and update/edit existing questions in the database accordingly.
• Attend studio record days. Monitor episodes live to ensure all facts are relayed accurately by the host.
Compile editing notes for the Executive Producer and Senior Producer after recordings.
• Research and respond to complaint letters/queries.
• Review and update house style guide and regulations provided to writers/verifiers on a regular basis.
Provide regular feedback as required.
• Assist Executive Producer and Question Producer with supplementary research tasks as required.
• Other duties as reasonably required.
Skills and experience required:
• Previous experience as a writer and/or editor
• Excellent attention to detail
• Highly developed written communication skills with an advanced knowledge of grammar, semantics and
• Excellent planning and organisation skills
• Advanced user of Microsoft Office
Applications close Tuesday 30 August 2016

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