Privacy Policy

  • Q: How are applications processed? Will I be instantly accepted?
    A: All applicants if not known to TVCV will be reference checked. All members must have a minimum 3 years’ experience and a minimum 12 months for Juniors.
  • Q: How long does it take to become a member & receive my login?

    A: Please allow up to 7 days once payment and signed Terms and Conditions are received.
  • Q: What positions are classified as Junior to TVCV?

    A: Camera Assistants, Edit Assistants, Junior Editors, Runners, Production Assistants, Coordinators, Associate Producers, Assistant Floor Managers, Loggers, Researchers, Lighting Assistants, Unit Assistants, Chaperones. Any ‘supporting’ roles, all other positions are considered Senior.
  • Q: Who can see my Profile page?

    A: TVCV profiles are live and public, giving your credentials as much exposure as possible.
  • Q: Do employers need a log in to see my Profile?

    A: No. TVCV is free and easily accessible to employers worldwide. No passwords. No subscriptions.
  • Q: What if I find it too hard to keep an online diary up to date?

    A: You can email or text TVCV administrators to update your diary and smartphone capability is coming really soon to make it easier. Up to date diary management is paramount to your and our success.
  • Q: What if I receive inquiries and my diary says I am available but I do not want to take the work?

    A: You have the right to refuse any work offers as you normally would. However if your diary says you are available and you are not due to other work commitments, this reflects badly on TVCV as it’s a ‘time waster’ for bookers. If diaries are not kept up to date your membership may not be renewed. This is so we can provide the highest level of trust and professionalism between our clients and our crew. We also rely on your calendar to follow your availability and be able to put you forward for jobs that may not be advertised.
  • Q: Can I pay my membership quarterly?

    A: Yes – Available on Premium Memberships only, please ask us for a payment plan.
  • Q: Do I need to be a member to advertise a job?

    A: No
  • Q: How are jobs advertised and alerted to crew fairly?

    A: Employers advertising jobs through TVCV have two options:

    1. Internally Advertised – Job vacancies are emailed to TVCV crew for a 72 hour exclusivity period. This gives employers a suitable shortlist initially, saving them wading through hundreds of unsuitable resumes. The employer then has the option to post the job public on the jobs page after this period if they wish however in most cases don’t need to.

    Crew Members have 72 hours to respond to the alert and receive priority consideration before the job may go public. All interested members will be presented for the vacancy equally and in no particular order. Ultimately the decision rests with the employer.

    2. Public Posting on the TVCV Website – Employers will be encouraged to use the internal service however, in the case of emergencies, tight turnarounds or general call outs this may be the employer’s preferred option.
    However in most cases jobs are filled internally by members.

  • Q: Can I list myself under more than one profession?

    A: Yes. You can list yourself in a maximum of 3 professions and these will be approved by TVCV.
    This is so crew don’t credit themselves without the relevant experience which happens on other websites.
  • Q: Can I apply for other jobs other than my listed professions with TVCV?
    A: Yes. However you will only be put forward if you are suitably qualified. Occasionally bookers may appeal to the next level down.
  • Q: Can I list myself as available for work in more than one City?

    A: No. However you can change your city on your profile (web search) to wherever you are currently based at any time.
  • Q: Can I apply for work outside of my own City?

    A: Yes. However you MUST be prepared to travel at your own cost and work as a ‘local’ in any cities other than your city of origin – unless otherwise specified.
  • Q: Can you send my CV to production companies for me?

    A: Yes. However only if there is a genuine vacancy to fill, this is so our bookers don’t get harassed as they are drowning in CV’s already. We guarantee your CV will be seen with every job you apply for (where you are suitably qualified).
  • Q: Can TVCV negotiate my deals for me?

    A: No. However TVCV offers advice and support to all members. All deals are negotiated directly with your employers.